Our range of products are used in many fields of application where the use of ultraviolet and infrared technology may be required.In addition, as the needs of each client are different, almost all our products are also tailored according to the client requirements.

Treatments in Graphical Arts

Flexography, Offset, Serigraphy, Inkjet, Rotogravure and Reprography among others.

UV aging and sun simulation

Chambers and projectors to simulate sunlight or accelerate the aging of materials by ultraviolet light.

UV disinfection

Disinfection and sterilization of air, surfaces or liquids in nourishment, packaging, health... using UV light.

Visual inspection

Special chambers for document inspection, product control, fault detection or phosphorescence.

Material treatments

Curing of varnishes, coatings, inks or paints, and other surface treatments as well.

Other processes

Curing of printed PCB plates, drying of adhesives, etc.

See below a list of some of the most common fields of application for which we work. You can also find more information of the most common solutions we provide by clicking on each section too:

Visual inspection 
Metal graphics  
Paints and coatings
Sun and UV aging  
UV disinfection 

Moreover, many other fields of application use the infrared and ultraviolet technology and our products. Indeed, we provide solutions determined by many factors, such as the size of the project, among other things.

Contact us if you want to know more about the applications listed here or any other that may be of your interest.