UV and IR curing equipment for Flexography

We have a wide range of ultraviolet and infrared solutions for application in flexography. Our curing equipment by means of UV or IR energy is suitable for the surface treatments in flexographic processes. We can also adapt them to virtually any existing webpress.

The use of UV curing inks in flexographic printing produces very vivid, bright colors and also metallic finishes; with a very high image quality. In addition, it is a very fast drying and fixing process when compared with the use of solvent or water-based inks. Its efficiency and performance make ultraviolet equipment a substantial improvement to consider in any current flexography process.

On the other hand, the use of an infrared system is ideal for drying conventional inks and varnishes in record time, with results of unsurpassed homogeneity and quality.

Ask us without obligation if you want us to advise you on the most appropriate solution to your needs. Whether drying or heating by infrared, or curing by ultraviolet, to adapt to a rotary or flexographic line; or if you need replacement curing lamps, spare parts or accessories for your flexo machinery.

Examples of installations of our equipment in flexo lines