There are countless uses for the ultraviolet and infrared light technology in industrial applications and treatments. For example: heating of materials, surface drying, curing or polymerization of coatings, etc.

In addition to graphic arts, aging and solar simulation, visual inspection or ultraviolet disinfection – fields you can consult in other sections of the top menu – on this page you will find a list of the most common applications in which we design and manufacture all kinds of machinery and products for treatments in the industry.

  • Heating or drying of all types of objects by infrared or hot air application.
  • Polymerizing sensitive materials using ultraviolet light.
  • Shrink, wrapping and thermoforming of plastic materials.
  • Curing of coatings on wood, fabric, metal, etc through UV radiation.
  • Prototype and PCB boards treatments for electronics.
  • Photochemical processes and laboratory tests.
  • Decomposition and degradation of materials and gases.
  • As well as other applications in environment with special lighting.

As each treatment and installation is different and require specific requirements, we design and manufacture according to the guidelines set by each client.

Contact us without obligation if you want us to propose a solution for your current process or a future project. We will attend you in short.