This is a listing of the main sections with information on this website. If you would like specific advice on any of the technologies we use, or information on any product or component that you cannot find on our website, contact us.


About BCB

Information about our company, where to find us and how to contact us.


Technical assistance

Our technical assistance service consists of quality control, installation, maintenance and also after-sales service. In addition, we do maintenance and repairs to third party equipment, and we also supply replacement lamps, other consumables and spare parts.


Testing and equipment rental

We have varied equipment to do all kinds of tests in materials and project trials. We also rent machinery for new developments.



Frequently asked questions about the technology and processes of polymerization and curing with ultraviolet energy, heating and drying by infrared or hot air, etc.


Downloadable content

Varied information in PDF format to download, about our ultraviolet and infrared products and the technology we use.


Privacy and data protection

Our privacy policy and data treatment of users who access and interact with our website.


Legal notice and cookie policy

Conditions of use of our website, its guarantees and responsibilities.