We have technical personnel, means and equipment to carry out all type of tests, essays and developments of new processes through the application of ultraviolet, infrared, hot air, etc.

We also develop all kinds of prototypes for other functions, with a scale to be assessed depending on the scope and size of the project:

  • UV curing equipment for laboratory tests.
  • Infrared emitters for heating or drying materials.
  • Light projectors for specific lighting.
  • UV luminaires for detection and visual inspection.
  • Solar simulation chambers and booths.

Equipment Hire

Nowadays, there is a frequent need for ultraviolet or infrared equipment for tests and essays. These are usually necessary to test results in applications that require the use of UV or IR technology before determining the final installation.

This type of essays and developments often extend over time; so we also provide this kind of equipment on a rental basis. Its cost will be evaluated once the type of equipment to be used and the time of use required have been determined.

In cases where the process requires the use of radiation using Xenon lamps, or other types of spectrum than usual, we have the necessary technology to develop the appropriate system. Ask us!