Quality control

Prior to the departure of our factory, our equipment is verified following a rigorous control of quality and testing, to verify that the machine fulfill the requirements of the user, according to specifications of our clients. Once the equipment is installed on the costumers workshop, our technical assistance and post-sale service attends any query or doubt personally or by telephone.


When the situation requires it and depending the machine, the same personnel who has made the machine will be in charge of the installation and starting of our equipment in the house of the costumer.

Maintenance and post-sale service

In order to maintain your equipment in optimal conditions, we recommend you to follow a maintenance plan. BCB offers a post-sale service and technical assistance that includes the maintenance of your equipment and the sale of accessories, consumables and spare parts, contacting us to make such task.

Regular cleaning and maintenance will extend the life of your curing system. Performing the indicated instructions in your instruction manual contributes to the proper functioning of your dryer.


Each machine, webpress, oven, etc. it’s different from the rest. Therefore it does not have to need such component that any other similar. BCB makes accessories adapted to your machine such as: filtrate equipment, complements for drying, ventilation..

Consumables and spare parts

Ask us for any consumable or spare part you need for your dryer. In addition we can provide you the lamp independently its use or who is the manufacturer.

Please, contact us for any doubt or question you could have.