We are suppliers of all types of ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) lamps. We also provide other types of bulbs and special emitters for curing, heating, disinfection, fluorescence, visual inspection, aging

In our warehouse we have a large stock of both IR and UV lamps, as metal halide bulbs, germicidal emitters, black light, insect traps, special lighting, etc. In addition, we design and distribute any other type of lamp or emitter on demand, either new design or for replacement of existing ones. (Special prices for scheduled orders):

  • Lamps for replacement, either for systems manufactured by BCB or for third party equipment.
  • Tailored emitters for special tests and tests.
  • New designs for other applications.

If you are interested in infrared lamps of short, medium or long wave, ultraviolet lamps of high or medium pressure, fluorescence in linear tubes or compact lamps, incandescent emitters, capillary lamps or microwaves without electrodes, etc; or if you would like information on UV and IR technology, or advice on this, you can contact us by writing an email or calling us at +34 936 928 511. We will be glad to assist you shortly.

We put at your disposal all our technical staff to solve any issue or concern you may have.