A fluorescent lamp is a cylindrical glass bulb closed at both ends by tungsten filaments. The interior contains a compound of several elements, among which phosphorus as the main component. The tube contains a small amount of mercury vapor and inert gas such as argon or neon at low pressure.

By applying electric current to the lamp, the tungsten filaments are heated emitting electrons that ionize the gas inside the tube, forming an electric plasma, which excites the mercury vapor that produces the visible and ultraviolet light.

Fluorescent lamps emit diffused light and require a heating time before reaching its normal brightness, also show a flicker in function of the frequency of the applied electric current.

The useful life of these lamps depends on the number of ignitions they have: the lower number, the greater the tube life.

The use of electronic ballasts in place of the traditional reactance and primer substantially improves the quality of the light; since it largely avoids the stroboscopic effect and makes flickering practically imperceptible. Furthermore startup becomes practically instantaneous, thus prolonging the life of the lamp.

Types of fluorescent lamps

Fluorescent bulbs are energy efficient and widely used in domestic and industrial lighting, both having lots of possibilities.

In the market there are plenty of tubes depending on the use to which they are made for. The main difference between them is the color temperature that may vary considerably from each other.

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