Lámparas infrarrojas

In the industrial sector the most widespread use of infrared lamps is the treatment of materials because the IR emission emits heat. The most common applications are usually the drying of paints or varnishes, glass tempering, metal preheating, conditioning of materials for subsequent processes, etc.

In practice, these types of emitters are distinguished by the wavelength they emit: short, medium, long wave …

We can supply you with infrared lamps and IR emitters with the parameters you need, whether for a replacement or for a new design. In addition these can be with or without reflector, monotube or bitube, carbon, gold or ruby finish …

Espectro infrarrojo

Caps or lamp endings

The endings can be either ceramic with wires or metallic. The characteristics of the lamp and its location in the equipment  will determine which are the most appropriate.

Usually these lamps are fastened by means of metal clamp or spring brackets. If you wish, we can also supply these supports.

Power and dimensions of infrared lamps

We have and design infrared emitting lamps with lengths from 50 mm to more than 2 meters for special works.

The power of each lamp is determined according to the application to be performed. Ask us and we will do a study according to your requirements.

Infrared spectral distributions

Depending on the required IR emission, the lamps can be manufactured with different infrared spectrum emissions: short wave, medium, medium fast, carbon or long. The wavelength to be emitted will determine the type of filament and shape of the emitter.

Onda corta infrarroja

IR halogen emitters

Emission Peak: 0,9 – 1,4 μm

Tª: 2200 – 2600 C

Onda media rápida IR

IR Quartz Emitters

Emission peak: 1,4 – 1,6 μm

Tª: 1600 C

Carbon IR

Carbon emitters

Emission peak: 1,7 – 2,0 μm

Tª: 900 – 1200 C

Onda media IR

IR Quartz Emitters

Emission peak: 2,2 – 3,2 μm

Tª: 950 C

Onda larga IR

Infrared resistors