UV radiometers and integrators

We have a wide range of UV integrators and radiometers for the testing and check of UV curing lamps. Get in touch with us for more details.


Ultraviolet radiometers and integrators are measuring devices that read the intensity and dose of energy emitted by an ultraviolet light source. We put at your disposal a wide range of these devices


  • Measurement of UV intensity and/or cumulative dose.
  • Different measurement scales (mW/cm², J/m² …)
  • Wide or focused measurement ranges as needed, in UVA, UVB, UVC, Visible, etc.
  • Measurement on flat or volumetric surfaces.
  • Different formats: compact device with integrated sensor, with different removable sensors, cable or rod probes…
  • Very simple and intuitive operation and control from LCD display, touch screen or keypad.
  • Selection of measurement intervals.

An UV integrator is an instrument that measures the total amount of ultraviolet applied. It serves both to calibrate the amount of energy required for the polymerization of the product, and to assess the loss of performance due to aging, pollution of the lamp, etc.

If the measurements are made regularly it is possible to know the degree of radiation loss to ensure the correct curing of the product, as well as to know when it is convenient to perform the cleaning or replacement of the lamps.

The integrators are suitable for conveyor belts, for example in UV curing ovens, for the furniture industry, printed circuits, etc. and insolation processes.


These types of measurement devices have sensors to make instantaneous or cumulative measurements of ultraviolet energy. Depending on the type, these sensors can be integrated, be autonomous connected by cable or rod, etc.

The use of independent sensors allows taking measurements in places that are difficult to access or at high temperatures, such as near the UV lamp or the surface to be cured. This option ease to measure all available radiation ranges in addition to temperature, since an independent sensor withstands much more heat and UV radiation than the reading device.

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