UV LED equipment

UV curing systems with ultraviolet LED lamps. Variable dimensions and linear power selection, adaptable to practically any format according to the needs of the treatment to be carried out.


UV LED equipment are a very versatile compact ultraviolet curing systems with small dimensions and variable power. They are also practically adaptable to any format according to the needs of the treatment to do, since their characteristics are adaptable according to the requirements of each client.

A UV LED curing system consists of one or several LED lamp heads and a controller (in electric cabinet or small coffret depending dimensions), and in the case of large LED lamps, a water-cooler system or chiller.

Technical characteristics:

  • The dimensions of the LED curing window are defined according client requirements of the process to be carried out.
  • Inmediate linear UV power regulation from 0% to 100% without steps. Due to this, LED emiters do not require stand-by mode or light shutters.
  • Operation and control is very simple and intuitive from touch screen control.
  • The different working modes allow to select: duration of ignition, intervals, emitted power …
  • No delays. Unlike conventional lamps, LED emitters do not require preheating and the re-ignitions are instantaneous.

Optional elements:

  • Special supports or brackets for fixing to a bench or machine.
  • Light shields at the entrance and exit of the equipment to avoid redirected UV light.
  • Independent remote control.
  • Other accessories…