UV exposure units

Our exposure units are optimal for work with screens or circuits of any required size, due to the great variety of dimensions and its custom manufacturing.

We design and manufacture UV vacuum exposure units for electronics and the graphic arts. These exposure units can be compact, for big sizes with curtain and also semiautomatic for circuitry, with varying dimensions depending on the format of the screen or the frame to be treated.

Among other options, our UV exposure units can include air heating equipment, storage drawers, etc.

Technical characteristics:

  • 5000 watts metal halide medium pressure ultraviolet lamp.
  • Standard power selection: 2000 or 5000 watts
  • Touch screen with alarm signals and recipe storage.
  • Control of exposure times, uv integrator and digital chronometer.
  • Upper frame balanced by springs with high flexibility blanket.
  • Electronic vacuum meter with graphic presentation.
  • Easy access and maintenance.
  • Drying air temperature control thermostat (model ISM).
  • Control of insolation by light integrator.
  • Automatic work cycle except loading and unloading (AUTO model).
  • Control and maintenance of the temperature in the work plane (AUTO model).
  • Cold air generator of 3 KW per module (AUTO model).
  • Tensiones: 380 ó 220 volts.


  • Pneumatic opening and closing for large formats.

Contact us indicating the maximum dimensions of the frame or plate to be treated and we will make you a personalized offer of the most suitable UV exposure unit.