Vacuum frames

Rotary presses and mural vacuum frames to treat screens of variable dimensions according to frame format. Optimal for large formats.


We manufacture all kinds of rotary and wall presses, in addition to vacuum frames, to treat serigraphic screen for work in combination with an ultraviolet projector or UV light spot.

Our presses and vacuum frames are of variable dimensions according to the format of the maximum frame to be treated. Due to their solid structure they are ideal for treating large formats.

The rotating presses are for horizontal loading and for small, medium or large sizes. The wall presses are of vertical load and to treat large or very large formats.

Technical characteristics:

  • The frame is made of epoxy painted self-supporting structural steel.
  • The blanket is very flexible and also very resistant to ultraviolet light.
  • With rotation system by ball bearing (in rotating presses).
  • Interlocking by locking lever (in rotating presses).
  • Top frame balanced by pneumatic springs (in rotating presses).
  • Closing system by pneumatic actuators (in wall presses).
  • Control cabinet for auto cycle (in wall presses).
  • With dry vacuum pump. It does not require maintenance.
  • The dimensions are to be determined according to the maximum format to be treated.

Contact us indicating the maximum dimensions of the frame or silkscreen that you want to treat and we will make you a personalized offer of the appropriate vacuum press.