UV bridges

The UV bridges and ultraviolet tunnels are designed to be placed on existing conveyor belts or conventional ovens. Thus adding the UV drying option to your process.


We manufacture tailored ultraviolet bridges for polymerizing varnishes and UV inks in continuous line like conveyors or rotaty machines, with varying dimensions and power according to the requirements of the installation. Our UV bridges are also adaptable to practically any type of machine.

This type of curing system consists of one or several UV bridge lampheads, a ventilation system and an electrical control cabinet.

Technical characteristics:

  • Compact UV lamphead made of treated steel according to client requirements.
  • The lamphead is equipped with a high intensity medium pressure UV lamp. Different possible dopings.
  • Elliptical reflector of extrusion and mirror electropolishing for maximum focus of the light.
  • Linear power regulation without steps by electronic ballast.
  • Lamp cooling by medium pressure turbine with air maintenance until lamp cooling.
  • Automatic flow regulator by air temperature.
  • Automation control by PLC and user-friendly touch screen with continuous information on the status of the system.

Optional elements:

  • Special supports and brackets for fixing the equipment to any surface.
  • Autonomous control unit for remote equipment management.
  • Lightshields at the entrance and exit of the material to avoid light reflections.
  • Special vents.
  • etc..

Ask us without obligation if you want ta study and offer of our UV bridges for your production line.