UV conveyors

UV conveyors are continuous ultraviolet ovens equipped with conveyor belt conveyors for work in line process.


Our UV conveyors are made up of an O-ring or Teflon glass belt conveyor, with one or more UV curing lampheads.

These ultraviolet conveyors allow you to select the emitted power, the speed of the belt … They can also be desktop, or high or low pile. As for the control of the equipment, it can be via touch screen and integrated PLC as well as by autonomous control module.

We also design and manufacture these UV equipment according to the dimensions of the product to be treated and the specifications of each client.

Technical characteristics:

  • Variable UV lamp size according to drying length.
  • Stepless linear power selection.
  • Tefloned fiberglass belt or o-ring cords conveyor.
  • Adjustable speed of the belt with automatic centering.
  • Control by touch screen and PLC.
  • Easy access and maintenance of the system.
  • Tensions: 380 or 220 volts.

Optional elements:

  • Lampheads with or without lamp shutter.
  • UV LED system instead of medium pressure lamps.
  • Special lightshields to avoid UV light outside the conveyor.
  • etc.

Contact us to get a personalized quotation of the most suitable oven conveyor to your requirements.

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