Hot Air dryers

The AC modules emit a jet of concentrated hot air directly to the material to be dried through air blades. Each fabrication is made tailored according to the requirements of each installation.


Our hot air dryers are industrial systems for drying materials and curing surfaces using pressure drive hot air. These equipments are made up of one or several modules, equipped with hot air diffuser blades, which project the air jet on the material to be dried out and then collect the residual air to reuse it.

These hot air dryers are composed of one or more blower cassettes, a heating chamber equipped with a battery of resistances and the fans for air supply and air collection, as well as an electrical control cabinet.

Likewise, because each installation has different needs, each manufacturing is custom made according to the requirements of each process to be covered.

Technical characteristics:

  • The air blowing modules are made of epoxy painted steel. Their dimensions are according to requirements of the installation.
  • The air heating is done by a battery of resistances located in an aluminum profile chamber.
  • The equipment is operated from the electrical control cabinet.
  • Automation control by PLC and user-friendly touch screen with continuous information on the status of the system.

Optional elements:

  • Special supports for fixing the air cassettes to a press, a bench…
  • External controller for remote control of the equipment.
  • etc.