Flash IR pannels

Mobile infrared flash dryers with adjustable height.

Our mobile infrared pannels are IR flash systems for drying inks and varnishes. They are self-stable and consist of a compact panel equipped with IR lamps with control incorporated in the module itself and a movable foot with adjustable height.

These infrared heating and drying systems are very manageable and also ideal for adaptation in screen printing carousels, infrared processes on conveyor belts, etc.

Technical characteristics:

  • The panel is equipped with short-wave or medium-wave monotube infrared lamps.
  • With power selection based on curing requirements.
  • Self-supporting mobile stand with wheels, with arm or feet adjustable in height.
  • Timer to select the duration of the exposure times.
  • Mains voltage: 380V or 220V 50/60 Hz to determine depending needs.

Optional elements:

  • Other types of infrared emitters with different wavelengths available.
  • Dimensions of the panel and quantity of infrared lamps to be determined according to the surface to be treated.
  • Regulation and selection of lighted lamps for different drying widths.
  • Control via touch screen and PLC.
  • etc

Flash IR mobile devices are very versatile in the industry. Contact us to know more about them.

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