Infrared panels

Infrared panels for heating or drying materials in industrial processes. Dimensions and powers to be determined depending on requirements.


Our IR panels and radiant modules are equipped with infrared quartz emitters for heating or drying materials. The infrared emitters are interchangeable and can be shortwave, medium fast wave, carbon … This equipment is operated from an autonomous control cabinet.

The dimensions, the type of emitters and also the power of these panels are determined according to the needs of each installation. In addition, these panels are made tailored and according to the requirements of the product to be treated.

Technical characteristics:

  • Compact panels made of steel and aluminum.
  • Equipped with monotube or bitube infrared lamps, depending on the use.
  • Power emitted: 1000, 2000, 3000 watts …
  • Electronic regulation of linear power without steps using thyristors and synchronized with the printing speed (if it is a continuous process).
  • Equipped with a ventilation circuit to combine infrared heat with air conducted through the lamp grill.
  • With axial fans on the upper face to control the generated heat.
  • Each infrared lamp has an individual reflector to optimize the distribution of the emitted light.
  • Control via touch screen and PLC in electrical cabinet.
  • Mains supply: 230 or 400 volts.

Optional elements:

  • Selectable curing widths.
  • Waste-air extraction penums.
  • Supports and brackets for special adaptation to machine.

If you want we make you study and quotation of our infrared panels, do not hesitate to contact us. We will attend shortly.