Infrared torchlights

Infrared hand torches of small dimensions equipped with monotube IR emitters. They can be made tailored according to the requirements of the product to be treated.


Our infrared torchlights are very light, small sized hand torches, and are equipped with one or several infrared monotube lamps.

These torchlights can be made according to the requirements of the product to be treated or the process to achieve. In addition, the lamps can be exchanged for other emitter type: shortwave, medium wave, carbon, etc.

Likewise its dimensions and the emitted power are determined according to the needs of each application. They can be tailored according to the requirements of each client.

Technical characteristics:

  • The lamphead is light and compact, and it is made of epoxy painted steel.
  • It is equipped with short-wave or medium-wave monotube infrared lamps.
  • Power: 1000 watts, 2000W, 3000W … (to choose).
  • This torch includes an extruded elliptical aluminum mirror polished reflector for optimal light focusing and heat dissipation.
  • Direct operation of the equipment: plug and use.
  • 220V standard electrical connection with protection.
  • Power cord 2 meters with standard outlet.

Optional elements:

  • Lamps with other power or IR emission.
  • Brackets and special anchors for fixing.
  • Control coffer with regulator, etc.

Contact us if you wish we quote you one of our infrared hand torchlights. If you indicate us your needs, we can propose a customized solution.