UV LED equipment for curing small surfaces and points of difficult access by means of ultraviolet light. Drying of adhesives, varnishes, paints …


Spot UV LED curing systems are very small devices with many uses in the industry. They consist of a multi-channel controller and several high-intensity UV LED light spots that can be controlled individually or simultaneously.

Technical characteristics:

  • Each controller can manage four, eight or up to twelve UV LED heads.
  • The UV LED heads are available in different diameters and with very focused targeting, linear shape, with side outlet for horizontal use, etc.
  • The most common wavelengths are: 365, 385, 395, 405, 450 nm … (contact us for other spectra)
  • This equipment have immediate linear power regulation from 0% to 100% without steps.
  • Very simple and intuitive operation and control through the digital display on the front of the controller.
  • The configuration and control of the heads can also be done from a computer or an external PLC.

Optional elements:i

  • Special supports for fixing the UV Spot LED heads to a bench or machine

Contact us if you have any questions, or want more information about UV LED systems or conventional curing equipment using ultraviolet lamps.

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