UV and solar simulation chambers

We design and manufacture all types of tailored chambers and projectors of ultraviolet and visible light for solar simulation, aging of materials, etc.


We design and manufacture all types of solar simulation chambers and UV booths, as well as ultraviolet and visible light projectors for:

  • Tests for deterioration and corrosion by UVA, UVB and/or UVC radiation.
  • Exposure and resistance of weather sensitive components.
  • Solar simulation and climatic aging of materials.

Technical characteristics:

  • UV lampheads with reflective optics designed for maximum homogenization of the emitted light.
  • Low or medium pressure UV lamps, Xenon, etc. depending on requirements and the norms to comply.
  • Self-supporting structure in reinforced aluminum profiles with height-adjustable feet.
  • Interior reflective walls of electropolished aluminum in mirror finish.
  • Easy operation via PLC and touch screen for an accurate system control.
  • Temperature controlled by a water chiller or air cooling.
  • Voltage: 220V or 400V to be determined

Optional elements:

  • Temperature readers and ultraviolet radiation sensors.
  • Memorization and storage of recipes.
  • USB port for downloading data to a pendrive or computer.
  • Door access for insertion of probes or other tools.
  • etc.

Contact us without obligation if you want we make you a study and a quotation of UV solar simulation chambers according to your needs.

We also manufacture visual inspection booths and chambers for other UV light treatments; for industrial uses, laboratory tests, etc.