Visual inspection devices

We design and manufacture booths and light projectors for visual inspection in fields as diverse as:

  • Check paper money and stamps, security seals and watermark verification in documents.
  • Detection of fluorescence and phosphorescence in materials such as minerals and component manufacturing defects.
  • Inspection of art work and forensic studies, etc.


We manufacture all types of chambers, booths and devices for visual inspection using visible, ultraviolet and infrared light. In addition, we design and manufacture these equipment completely tailored, according to the requirements and specifications of each client or regulations to be met.

Technical characteristics:

  • Lampheads with reflective optics designed for maximum homogenization of the emitted light, as well as to prevent glare.
  • Types of lamps or emitters installed depending on the requirements to be met. Visible, ultraviolet or infrared light, either in fluorescent or light bulbs, etc.
  • Self-supporting structure in reinforced aluminum profiles or in epoxy painted steel chamber.
  • Easy operation and maintenance of the equipment, which is limited to the change of light emitters.
  • Mains supply: 220V or 400V 50/60 Hz (to be determined)

Optional elements:

  • Control of the equipment via touch screen and PLC.
  • Duration selection with lamps on.
  • Choice of lamps to light: individual, alternate …
  • Regulation of the emitted light.
  • Lightshields or curtains to avoid contamination of external light.
  • Quartz visors for special environments.
  • Visual inspection on monitor by video camera in CCTV circuit.
  • Drawers or shelves to store samples.
  • etc.

If you want a personalized study of the visual inspection devices that best suits your needs, contact us without obligation.