Duct installations PIR

Installation of germicidal emitters in slices of ventilation ducts for coupling to existing rectangular or circular pipes.


The duct installations PIR of our UVGI disinfection range consist of a section of conduit equipped with high intensity ultraviolet emitters and a control cabinet.

These UV devices are designed based on the existing duct to be installed, as well as to maintain the same section and appearance as the system to which it is attached. In addition, they can be both rectangular and cylindrical. The quantity and type of UV emitters the UV system incorporates will depend on the flow rate and the quality of the air to be treated.

Technical characteristics:

  • The structure and base duct are made of high strength treated steel.
  • System equipped with low-pressure germicidal emitters UV-C or amalgam.
  • Easy installation and assembly of the equipment.
  • No maintenance and change of lamps very simple.
  • This system does not generate ozone or waste
  • The control is carried out from an electrical cabinet with hour meter and lamp failure indicators.
  • Voltage: 220 volts 50 Hz
  • Mains connection via electric hose with standard socket.

Optional elements:

  • Touchscreen and PLC control
  • Autonomous desk for remote management.

Do not hesitate to ask us for an study and offer of our duct installations PIR to incorporate into your current ventilation system.