UV germicidal tunnels

UV germicidal tunnels and bridges with or without conveyor for the surface disinfection of volumetric objects like packages, parts, foods, etc. Dimensions and emitting power variable based on requirements.


Our UV germicidal tunnels and bridges are custom designed and manufactured, according to the requirements of each client to guarantee the correct disinfection of the product to be treated. Its main function is the disinfection and surface sterilization of food products, and also packaging and packaging. UV germicidal tunnels eliminate microorganisms such as: bacteria, viruses, fungi …
This ultraviolet disinfection equipment consists of one or more ultraviolet tunnels and the control electrical cabinet. They can also be with or without a conveyor, depending on whether they are to be installed on an existing conveyor belt or to be attached to it.
The UV germicidal tunnels are dimensioned according to the area to be irradiated with ultraviolet light, the speed of the conveyor or the steps of the process, as well as the characteristics of the product.

Technical characteristics:

  • Structure made of stainless steel 304, 316 or aluminum (according to requirements)
  • Easy installation on any surface.
  • Equipped with ultraviolet germicidal HO or amalgam lamps.
  • Simple change of lamps: open the bridge and change.
  • Powering the lamps by electronic ballasts.
  • Mirror electropolished internal reflectors for maximum use of UV light.
  • Do not generate ozone or waste of any kind.
  • Electric control cabinet with hourmeter and lamp failure indicators.


  • Conveyor on aluminum profile bench.
  • Special supports for fixing to existing conveyor belt.
  • Control by touch screen and PLC.
  • Windows adaptable to different gauges.
  • Watertight lamps for low temperature or high humidity habitats.