UV mobile system R518/BH-RF

Small-sized mobile system for disinfecting low areas in rooms in the absence of personnel using ultraviolet light. Disinfects air and surfaces where UV light strikes.
For use both in places such as clinics and hospitals, storage chambers and cabins, as well as for transport, ambulances …

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This UV system R518/BH-RF is a portable device equipped with high intensity germicidal lamps. It is ideal for disinfecting environments where it is necessary to eliminate germs from low areas of rooms such as beds, tables or other furniture. At the same time it disinfects the ambient air, freeing it from suspended aerobes. As it is a mobile device, it can also be placed at different points in the same room to irradiate areas, that would otherwise be in the shade and would not receive any disinfection.

These devices help to ensure a high level of sterilization that would otherwise require the use of chemicals.

Technical characteristics:

  • 5 high intensity UV-C germicidal lamps at 254 nm.
  • Structure in epoxy painted steel and polished aluminum.
  • Ignition by radio frequency remote control.
  • No maintenance required and change of emitters very simple.
  • Does not generate ozone or waste.
  • Comfortable manual movement.
  • The connection to the electrical network is made by cable with a standard socket.
  • Voltage: 220 volts 50 Hz

Additional information

90 watts

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