UV mobile systems

Mobile equipment for ultraviolet light disinfection of rooms and stays in the absence of personnel. They disinfect the air and surfaces where ultraviolet light strikes.
For use in clinics and hospitals, storage chambers and rooms, as for transport, ambulances …


Our UV mobile systems are equipped with high intensity or amalgam germicidal lamps. They are ideal for the disinfection of environments where it is required to eliminate germs from the walls and furniture. At the same time, they disinfect the ambient air, freeing it from suspended aerobes. Being mobile, they also allow to be placed in different points of the same room to irradiate areas, since otherwise, they would be in shadow and would not receive any disinfection.

These equipments contribute to guarantee a high level of sterilization that, otherwise, would force to resort to chemical products.

In addition, mobile UV systems and emitters can be designed and manufactured according to the parameters of the place where they will be placed and the requirements of each client.

Technical characteristics:

  • Germicidal lamps HO or amalgam (quantity depending on the equipment)
  • Does not generate ozone or waste
  • Free standing mobile aluminum profile base.
  • Vertical or horizontal emitters according to the space to be treated.
  • Monobloc profile luminaires with anti-UV protection
  • Mirror electropolished aluminum reflectors to make the most of UV light
  • Powering the lamps by electronic ballasts HF.
  • Voltage: 220 volts 50 Hz


  • Control by remote control.
  • Special protection against shock.
  • Watertight equipment for very humid or cold areas.