UV torch ARG-18

Our UV handheld torches are very useful for disinfecting surfaces and objects using ultraviolet light.

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The ARG-18 torch is a portable UV emitter for doing surface disinfection treatments. This appliance is indicated to manually disinfect surfaces. With a manual sweep, most germs illuminated with UV light are eliminated.

Technical characteristics:

  • Linear UV-C fluorescent germicidal lamp.
  • Very light aluminum structure.
  • Does not require maintenance.
  • Simple lamp change.
  • Does not generate ozone or waste.
  • The connection to the electrical network is made by cable with a standard socket.
  • Voltage: 220 volts 50/60 Hz
  • We also have other UV torches for different uses. They can also be custom designed according to your requirements.

Additional information
Dimensions360 × 120 × 90 cm

10 watts