UV torchlights ARG

Portable ultraviolet hand torchlight for surface disinfection.
Recommended fields of application: Areas of difficult access, volumetric objects, tapestry, seating…


Our UV hand torchlights are very useful for surface and volumetric disinfection by ultraviolet light.

In addition to being very light, they are very powerful, and with a few seconds they already produce an important germicidal effect on the surfaces where their UV light is applied. Nor do they produce any type of waste and do not require any maintenance except the lamp replacement.

We can make these customized UV torches according to requirements. In this way we ensure that its function is optimal for each use that you want to give it.

Technical characteristics:

  • Lght and compact lamphead made of aluminum
  • Equipped with 1 or 2 low pressure UVC emitters at 254 nm
    Lamp life: 9000-10000 hours depending on use.
    With bright mirror anodized electropolished reflector for maximum use of UV light.
  • Power supply via built-in HF electronic ballast.
  • Luminous selector of lamp ignition.
  • 220V standard electrical connection with protection.
  • Power cord 2 meters with power outlet.

Optional elements:

  • Supports and special brackets for fixing.
  • Other type of lamps for emission of different spectra.

Contact us if you want quotation of one of our UV torchlights for surface disinfection. Tell us your requirements and we will propose a customized solution.