UV waterproof lamps ERG

Hermetic germicidal emitters for the treatment of food, surfaces or disinfection of air. Tailored according to clients needs.

Fields of application: tanks, air ducts, chambers …


The UV watertight sealed lamps of our UVGI disinfection range are perfectly adaptable to any application area involving high humidity. In addition to the large number of sizes and power, they can be made according client needs.

These watertight luminaires are equipped with a low pressure ultraviolet lamp with high UVC emission or amalgam doping, and are encapsulated in ultrapure quartz sheath. They can also incorporate special reflectors to homogenize UV emission at maximum.

The ultraviolet emitters can be easily installed by flanges or handles to virtually any surface, or also inserted through holes intended for such use, for immersion in liquid, etc.

UV watertight lamps are suitable for treating both air and surfaces in areas of very low temperature and places of high humidity, including immersing in water or other liquids to disinfect them.

Technical characteristics:

  • Ultraviolet germicidal emitters with HO or amalgam lamps.
  • Easy maintenance, cleaning and change of bulb.
  • They do not generate ozone or waste.
  • IP67 waterproof sealed body.
  • Quartz sleeve with high UV permeability.
  • Installation on any surface.
  • Power 220 volts 50 Hz


  • Soportes especiales para fijación.
  • Protecciones frente a posibles golpes.

Si necesita un sistema de desinfección que no requiere protección frente a la humedad o baja temperatura, consulte nuestra gama de luminarias ultravioleta RAB.