Inspección visual UV

Visual inspection devices

We design and manufacture booths and light projectors for visual inspection in fields as diverse as:

  • Check paper money and stamps, security seals and watermark verification in documents.
  • Detection of fluorescence and phosphorescence in materials such as minerals and component manufacturing defects.
  • Inspection of art work and forensic studies, etc.


We manufacture all types of chambers and visual inspection devices. Fully tailored according to your requirements.

Technical characteristics:

  • Lampheads with optics designed for maximum homogenization of the light.
  • Light types depending on the requirements: visible, ultraviolet, infrared …
  • Self-supporting structure in reinforced aluminum profiles.
  • Voltage: 220V or 400V to be determined


  • Operation via touch screen and PLC.
  • Timing selection.
  • Regulation of the emitted light …

Contact us if you want a study without obligation of the most appropriate equipment according to your requirements.