Luminarias germicidas

UV germicidal luminaires

UV germicidal luminaires for the disinfection of surfaces and air in rooms in the absence of people. Dimensions and power according to requirements.


Our UV germicidal luminaires are ideal to be installed on practically any wall or ceiling. With the correct distribution they serve to disinfect walls, furniture and the environment of stays in the absence of people or animals. In addition, the wide range of luminaires can be complemented with a motion detection system for automatic shutdown, timer, etc.

Consult us and we will propose the most appropriate distribution for the stay in question, taking into account its geometry and content.

  • 1 or 2 germicidal lamps (depending on the luminaire).
  • Direct lamp change.
  • Lamps powered by electronic ballasts
  • They do not generate ozone or waste.
  • Luminaire in single-body electrostatic application profile.
  • Reflector in mirror polished aluminum.
  • For wall or ceiling fixing.
  • Power: 220V 50 Hz


  • Reflectors for focusing or distribution of the emitted light.
  • Special fixing supports.
  • Protections against possible hits.

If you need a disinfection system that requires protection against humidity or low temperature, consult our range of UV waterproof emitters