Paneles germicidas UV

UV germicidal panels

UV radiant panels for surface sterilization in food and packaging. Dimensions and power adaptable according to the format of the product to be treated.

Uses in packaging: disinfection of plastic film, trays, bottles and lids. In food: spices, cheeses, pastries, etc.


Our UV germicidal panels are designed and manufactured tailored according to the requirements of each client to ensure the correct disinfection of the product to be treated. Its main function is the disinfection and surface sterilization of food products and packaging. These UV panels eliminate microorganisms such as: bacteria, viruses, fungi …

These ultraviolet disinfection systems are composed of the ultraviolet panel itself and an electrical control cabinet. The radiant panel or UV module is dimensioned according to the area to be irradiated with ultraviolet light, the time required to make the process and the characteristics of the product.

Technical characteristics:

  • Structure made of stainless steel 304, 316 or aluminum (according to requirements)
  • Easy installation on any surface.
  • Equipped with HO or amalgam ultraviolet germicidal UVC emitters.
  • Direct and easy change of lamps: remove and put.
  • Powering the lamps by electronic ballasts.
  • They do not generate ozone or waste of any kind.
  • Electric control cabinet with hour counter and lamp failure indicators.


  • Control by touch screen and PLC
  • Special fixing brackets to adapt to conveyor.
  • Lightshields to prevent the exit of light outside.