We have all kinds of accessories and auxiliary devices to extend the performance of your machinery, whether ultraviolet, infrared or other kind. We also manufacture many types of custom complements for use in graphic arts, laboratory tests, etc.

In addition, we have integrators and radiometers for testing and checking your UV curing or infrared drying system.

Industrial uses

  • Independent and remote controls to manage your equipment from distance.
  • Sensors and probes for temperature measurement in machine or product.
  • Ultraviolet radiometers and integrators to measure UV intensity and dose.
  • Conveyors with teflonated fiberglass belt, plate systems or o-ring toric cords.

Graphic arts

  • Supports and brackets for serigraphic screen emulsion.
  • Active suction exhausters for the removal of ink mist, vapors, VOCs, etc.
  • Filtration systems for air and gas extraction.
  • Warm air dryers for silkscreen frames treatment.
  • Screen printing washout sinks and booths.
  • Vibrating tables and in line stacker machines.

Laboratory and tests

  • Projectors and emitters for other purposes than those described on this website.
  • Light sources for special uses.
  • Sensors and probes for temperature measurement in machine or products.
  • Other accessories (ask us)

Contact us if you wish a quotation or more information about any of our accessories or complements for your work line or process.