We have a wide range of spare parts and consumables in stock in our warehouse, also we can supply you in a short time period with replacement parts for your current machiner; whether it is manufactured by us or not.

The most common items and parts (apart from special lamps and bulbs) that we usually provide are:

  • Quartz crystals permeable to UV light and selective filters for restriction of certain light wavelengths.
  • Aluminum reflectors with mirror polished finish, with or without dichroic treatment for focusing or homogeneize the light.
  • Electronic ballasts and electromagnetic power supplies forpowering UV lamps.
  • Lampholders and connectors in addition to caps for bulbs and special emitters.
  • Rubber blankets and gaskets for presses and vacuum frames.
  • Axial or tangential fans, helical blowing turbines …
  • Quartz tubes and sleeves for encapsulating lamps or for water refrigeration.
  • Suction pumps for vacuum frames.
  • Closures, hinges and pneumatic pistons for exposure units.
  • Probes for temperature measurement.
  • Ultraviolet radiation sensors.
  • Air filters for replacement.
  • Other accessories or components (consult us).

If you need any type of replacement, spare parts as well as consumables for your ultraviolet equipment and infrared drying, etc. Whether manufactured by BCB or by a third party, contact us. We will attend you shortly.