We manufacture and supply germicidal equipment for the UV disinfection of air, surfaces, rooms, ducts, or for water and liquid sterilization of germs and microbes like fungi, bacteria, virus or mold.

Besides our standard ranges of UVGI products, we also calculate and design specific equipment for each costumer depending their needs.

Disinfection is realized by the emission of ultraviolet light, but in some cases it can also be done by infrared radiation. Both technologies damage the molecular structure of microorganisms, however the mechanics are different.

Our most common UVGI germicidal product ranges include:

  • PRG panels and modules for surface disinfection of materials.
  • ARG hand germicidal torchlights.
  • Ultraviolet tunnels for the continuous treatment of packaging, food, etc.
  • MGM wall units for forced disinfection of ambient air.
  • PIR germicidal sections for adaptation to existing ducts.
  • Waterproof ERG emitters for humid or very cold environments.
  • Ultraviolet RAB luminaires for UV disinfection in the absence of personnel.
  • Mobile equipment for disinfection of rooms, vehicles, etc.
  • Horizontal projection spotlights for disinfection in passageways, waiting rooms …
  • Germicidal reactors for the treatment of drinking water, pluvial, wastewater …

All these products are also dimensionable and adaptable according to requirements. Explain us your needs and we will advise you the most suitable equipment.