UV air disinfection

In any field that requires high standards of germ sterilization, it is essential to maintain air quality and ensure the absence of potential pathogens. For this purpose the UV air disinfection systems through their placement at strategic points protect the environment, leaving an healthy air clean of germs.

The installation of these ultraviolet emitters is very simple with immediate and silent operation, and the maintenance is limited to changing the UV lamps when they are exhausted. These attributes make the UV equipment a serious solution to take into account for clean rooms, cooling chambers, places to achieve high levels of security or in the home.

The shape and design of this type of ultraviolet equipment depends on several factors. To be determined depending on:

  • If the equipment must work in absence or presence of people or animals.
  • If the UV lamps will operate in an open environment or inside a closed air flow as an air conditioning duct.
  • The volume or flow of air to be treated.
  • Ambient temperature and humidity, etc.

Contact us for advice and offer of the most appropriate UV air disinfection system to treat the ambient air according to your requirements and needs.