UV surface disinfection is a very versatile method for proper sanitation of rooms and objects that may be in contact with people, animals and plants too. Surfaces with insufficient hygiene can potentially contribute to cross-transmission of germs when people come into contact with them. The use of UV technology is very effective for the prevention of such infections.

Wet and closed rooms, as well as areas next to air flows or circulation, are places prone to contain microbes. In some cases they can cause disease.

Where the direct sunlight arrives an important disinfection occurs; since the sun’s rays eliminate all types of germs preventing their expansion; but where sunlight does not reach, the use of ultraviolet light by UV emitting devices will prevent such infections and contribute to a greater hygiene where it is applied. Through this technology we will avoid fungal blooms, germ colonies, etc. In addition, its use in hand tools, and devices of frequent use, will prevent the spread of germs by contact.

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