UV treatments for water and liquids disinfection by the use of ultraviolet light has many advantages. It leaves no residue and does not alter the physical composition or organoleptic properties of the fluid unlike other chemical treatments do.

The most common application for it is the placement of a UV system in the conduit where the liquid flows. Thus, as it is a part of the process, neither extra time will be spent on special treatments or intermediate steps.

These devices intercept and inoculate the germs as they pass through the ultraviolet light. The UV radiation also destroys algae and protozoa disabling their expansion.

The UV reactors are easy to install and require a minimal maintenance. Just replacing the lamp.

These systems can be used directly without other type of products to eliminate the germs; or to enhance other purification and filtration systems, reverse osmosis, etc. The ideal place for its location is prior to the point of consumption; or close to sensitive parts of the process as recirculation pumps, pipe joints, etc.

We can supply UV disinfection devices for the treatment of any type of water: drinking water, rain, wastewater… and also for other liquids. Ask us without obligation and we will show you the possibilities of the use of the UV light.