The UV mobile devices in our UVGI range are ideal for disinfecting surfaces and air in rooms, vehicles or passageways in the absence of people or animals.

They can be moved between rooms, so the same device can disinfect all the necessary locations.

Depending on the model, its most common uses are usually the disinfection of rooms in clinics or medical consultations, the treatment of warehouses or factories, disinfection in vehicles such as ambulances, vans … They also include a timer, motion detection and / or remote control. Contact us to know more!

Esterilizador móvil R518BM-RF

UV mobile system R518/BH-RF

This UV system R518/BH-RF is a portable device…

UV mobile system RAB-436/BM

The UV RAB-436/BM mobile system is a very light…

Carro móvil germicida UV

UV mobile system Advance

The UV system Advance is a wheeled light tower…

These UV equipment allow the disinfection of rooms without the need for any installation. If you want another type of equipment that can be fixed to the wall or ceiling, we suggest you consult our range of UV luminaires.