Our UV handheld torches are very useful for disinfecting surfaces and objects using ultraviolet light.

In addition to being very light, they are very powerful, and with a few seconds they already produce a significant germicidal effect on surfaces where UV light is applied. They also do not produce any type of residue and do not require any maintenance except for the change of UV lamps.

We can custom make these UV torches according to requirements. In this way we ensure that its function is optimal for each use that you want to give it.

Antorcha UV de mano ARG-18

UV torch ARG-18

The ARG-18 torch is a portable UV emitter for doing surface disinfection treatments. This appliance…


UV torch ARG-235

The ARG-235 torch is a portable UV emitter for surface disinfection treatments. This device is…

Contact us if you want us to offer you a personalized offer of one of our UV torches for surface disinfection. Tell us your requirements and we will propose a customized solution.

Recommended fields of application: hard-to-reach areas, volumetric objects, upholstery …