About BCB

BCB is a company established in 1981, with the target of covering the photochemical process market segment through the use of infrared and ultraviolet technology.

Nowadays we have a wide experience in this segment, due to our presence in this market since its beginning and to our team who covers: design, R+D, manufacture and marketing. Our capabilities allow us to provide adapted solutions to solve our customers needs, by  our standard products or new projects, with an agile capacity of response.

‘more than 30 years contributing to the success of our clients.’

Nave BCB

Where we are?

Our factory is located on the street Bosc Tancat number 14 (warehouse 7) in the Industrial estate Polizur
in Cerdanyola del Vallés – Barcelona (Spain)

Postal Code: 08290

Phone: +34 93 6928511

Email: email

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