Paints & coatings treatment

Drying of water-based paints by infrared and ultraviolet curing of UV coatings and varnishes.

UV inks and varnishes are not water-based or solvent based inks, so are not dried by air or heat but polymerized under UV light irradiation, producing immediately a very high quality of curing. The fact that no using solvents makes this a more ecological and clean process.

Whether you need to dry conventional paints or an ultraviolet curing, we can provide the most suitable equipment for this purpose.

Equipo UV HOK-2/1 12

UV dryer HOK-2/1

Dryer for conventional drying line or laboratory.

Cabezal IR-36 31

Flash dryer IR-36

Infrared drying system with adjustable height.

Cabezal IR-09 32

Flash dryer IR-09

Infrared drying system with adjustable height.

Puente adaptado a horno calor 62

Adaptable UV tunnel

Adjustable to any kind of conventional ovens.

Puente UV 64

Elliptical UV bridge

Bridge oven for conveyor belts. Tailored according customer needs.

Horno UV CT 72

UV oven CT

Ultraviolet dryer with belt conveyor for curing big sizes.

Horno estático UV 74

Static UV oven

Volumetric UV curing in static cabinet oven.

Examples of installations

UV dryer HOK-2 for paints
Double infrared pannel
Drying chamber for curing UV coatings
UV cabinet dryer for curing coatings