Treatments with ultraviolet energy in electronics and UV insulation in circuitry (circuit boards, PCB prototypes, etc.)

Ultraviolet polymerization equipment for cure binding resins in sealing connectors, encapsulation of electronic components and printed circuit coating.

Secador ultravioleta HOK-2 12

UV dryer HOK-2/1

Dryer for conventional drying line or laboratory.

Insoladora UV 21

UV vacuum frame IC-5000

Compact vacuum frame with ultraviolet exposure unit.

Insoladora serigráfica 22

UV vacuum frame ISM5KW/S

Serigraphic UV printing frame with curtains.

Insoladora para circuitos 23

Automatic UV vacuum unit

Special vacuum frame for PCB.

Puente secador UV 64

Elliptical UV bridge

Drying bridges with variable dimensions.

Horno ultravioleta continuo 72

UV oven CT

Belt conveyor ultraviolet oven.

Horno UV estático 74

UV static oven

Ultraviolet oven for static curing.

Examples of installations

Printing UV vacuum frame for photographic mask