Vacuum frames - Exposure units

Due to the great variety of dimensions and our manufacturing at your choice, our exposition vacuum frames and screenmakers are ideal for the work with screens or circuits of any size.

BCB also manufactures special vacuum frames for big dimensions treatments. They can be gyratory or for vertical mounting, depending on the size.

UV screenmakers

Insoladora IC-5000

Compact exposure unit IC-5000

UV light exposure unit with vacuum frame.

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Insoladora UV para serigrafía

Serigraphic exposure unit ISM-5KW/S

Screen drying unit with vacuum frame and protection curtains for serigraphy.

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Insoladora semiautomática

Automatic PCB exposure unit

Ultraviolet exposure unit for circuit board treatment.

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Vacuum frames for big sizes

Prensa giratoria

Turning vacuum frame

Swivelling table with vacuum frame for serigraphic treatments or reprography.

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Prensa mural

Vertical vacuum frame

Autostable guided vacuum frame for big dimension screens.

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