Infrared treatments

BCB designs and produces all kind of infrared machinery for the industry.

We have and develop a wide range of infrared drying equipment and infrared heating systems to meet any need related to the treatment of materials:

  • Drying of water-based inks and varnishes.
  • Thermal conditioning of surfaces or 'flash-off' for further processing.
  • Reduction of moisture in coatings.
  • Shrink and plastic forming.
  • Laboratory tests.
  • ...

Shortwave infrared panel Secador IR doble cara Infrared oven for laboratory Flash IR for serigraphic carroussel

The application field of infrared technology in the industry is so extensive, ranging from graphic arts to automotive industry, pharmaceutical, laboratory tests or food processes.

Advantages of using infrared heat over other heating methods:

  • The infrared radiation is instantaneous and does not require complicated safety mechanisms to isolate or control its emission.
  • Infrared lamps are a clean heat source, and do not produce polluting waste.
  • The use of this technology is very simple and requires virtually no preparation by the user.
  • IR emitters are very durable without specific maintenance.

IR dryer for cardboard Infrared oven conveyor Infrared panel Wheeled infrared dryer

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