Ultraviolet and infrared curing and hot air drying equipment for treatments in offset printing.

The use of UV curing systems in offset printing is gaining more and more in the market for its quality and color definition produced by the use of UV inks.

Productivity and durability of the finished product generated by these equipment, creates no doubt to improve any type of production.

Equipo UV OBA 11

UV dryer OBA

Ultraviolet curing systems with tailored dimensions and power.

Equipo UV OBC 13

UV dryer OBC

Ultraviolet curing systems for narrow places.

Equipo UV OBC 33

IR pannel dryer

Tailored infrared drying module with shortwave lamps.

Horno UV CT 72

UV conveyor oven CT

Ultraviolet dryer with belt conveyor for curing big sizes.

Horno UV de pila baja 73

Low charge UV oven

Sheet-fed dryer with low pile belt.

Módulo de aspiración activa 84

Active aspiration unit

Device to avoid the air pollution and inks odours.

Módulo secador AC 101

AC air dryer

Warm air drying module.

Examples of installations

HOC-50/3 OBA dryer in Rotatek RK250 press
UV conveyor with pile collector alongside Roland machine
UV equipment in Heidelberg Speedmaster
UV dryer en Heidelberg Speedmaster
UV lamphead tailored for adapt in Heidelberg Speedmaster
Module for withdraw 'ink fog' in Perfect Rotatek webpress
HOC-52 OBA UV dryer in offset RK-320 Rotatek
Infrared oven for drying glues