Measuring devices

radiˇmetro UV

UV integrator

The integrator is a device that measures the quantity of applied radiation, is useful for the calibration of the quantity of energy demanded for the polymerization of the product, and to value the loss of yield for aging, pollution of the lamp, etc.

If the measurements are realized regularly is possible to know the degree of loss of radiation to assure the correct treatment of the product, and to know when is suitable to clean or change de lamps.

This instrument is the adequate for transport belts, par example in UV curing conveyors, for the furniture industry, printed boards, etc.. also insolation process.

integrador UV

Handheld UV meter

This device is an measuring dispositive that connected to one of the different sensors can take instant or accumulative measurements of the energy.

Allows the reading in places with difficult access or high temperature as might be near the UV lamp or the surface to cure, being able to measure all the available ranges of radiation, due that the sensor can withstand more heat than the handheld meter.