Ultraviolet and infrared equipment for screen-printing treatments.

The use of these technologies in screenprinting processes offers as a result a very high quality products in all its forms:

Infrared light is used in drying water-based inks and traditional varnishes. It's a fast, clean and very reliable method..

Speaking of ultraviolet, the use of UV inks and coatings allow some highlights and surprising textures, in addition to add volume to an image giving the appearance of relief or depth. UV inks are of great use for their weather resistance in large format mural signage, outdoor advertising, etc.

Insoladora compacta ultravioleta 21

Screenmaker IC-5000

UV exposure unit with vacuum frame.

Insoladora serigráfica de cortina 22

Screenmaker ISM5KW/S

Screenmaker with protection curtains.

Cabezal IR 31

Flash dryer IR-36

Infrared drying system with adjustable height.

Cabezal IR 32

Flash dryer IR-09

Infrared drying system with adjustable height.

Cabezal halógeno 41

UV system EH-5000

Metalhalide exposition unit with adjustable height.

Prensa de vacío giratoria 51

Turning vacuum frame

Swivelling table with vacuum frame.

Marco de vacío mural 52

Vertical vacuum frame

Wall vacuum frame for big dimension screens.

Puente secador UV 62

Adaptable UV bridge dryer

Adjustable to conventional heat ovens.

Puente UV 64

Elliptical UV tunnel

Bridge oven for conveyor belts.

Horno ultravioleta continuo 72

UV oven CT

Continuous curing for big sizes with conveyor belt.

Examples of installations

Serigraphic carrousel
UV bridge with air extractor
UV bridge with electric cabinet
UV tunnel inserted in conventional oven