UV light sources

Ultraviolet projectors and spotlights for sun simulation and climate aging tests, outdoor exposure and strength of materials, deterioration and corrosion tests to UV radiation, etc.

UV lampheads and projectors

Cabezal UV 1L2000

UV lamphead 1L2000

To adapt in solar simulation and climate testing chamber.

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Proyector UV 1L2000M

UV projector 1L2000M

Adjustable light source for ultraviolet aging tests.

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UV booths

Cabina TEST-1L5000

UV booth TEST-1L5000

Sun simulation chamber for UV aging tests.

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Cabina TEST-1L2000/SM

UV booth TEST-1L2000/SM

Desktop chamber for aging tests with ultraviolet light.

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Módulo PR-460

Module PR-460

Module adaptable to TEST-1L2000/SM for inspection or essays under UV-C light.

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