Depending the application and the level of benefits needed, our equipment can use one of the following technologies:

Power control

Transformador - escalonado

Transformer / Ballasts (step by step)

Is the classic system: the different levels of power are selected by fixed steps, normally these levels are not more than 3 or 4. Exists a noticeable dependency between the network tension and the level of power.

Electromagnético - stepless

Electromagnetic combined with electronic control "stepless"

This system allows a continuous regulation of the power (between 30% and the 100%) without steps. It gives access to a precise control of the provided energy to the process. Is robust and trustworthy.

The selected lamp power stays constant independently of the oscillations of the network tension.

Sistema electrónico - solid state

Electronic feeder (solid state) "stepless"

The transformers are replaced by high power ballasts that allows a continuous control without steps, like the previous system.

Being a three-phase system allows a better advantage of the network. Normally the volume of the electrical equipment is inferior to the traditional system.

UV light focalization

The focalization of the emitted ultraviolet light is determined by the type of reflector used. There are three types:

Transformador - escalonado


This type of reflector concentrates the light emitted at a point or narrow area.

Electromagnético - stepless


Scatters reflected light. Beams projected away from each other.

Sistema electrónico - solid state


Collimated light. The reflected beams are parallel between them.